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We like what we do.
Reform your home, build a hotel, renovate your sink or kitchen.


Interior construction

Put your interior project in the hands of our company, from the first moment you will have all the necessary advice, starting with the architecture team, going through the interior decorator, our head of projects and works management, including furniture and decoration.

New construction

Dedicated to the construction of new construction and specialized in the realization of single-family homes, high-end and luxury reforms, all kinds of custom projects. We have an architecture team with whom we work in coordination, we manage the entire project, licenses, permits, bulletins and certificates of habitability.

Construction services: Masonry, Pladur, Carpentry

You can hire us for any new construction service, for this we have different teams; Masonry, Pladur, Carpentry, Aluminum Carpentry, Pavements and tiling, Micro cement, Painting, Installations …

Comprehensive reforms

Custom interior renovation projects

We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team that will be in charge of studying each project exhaustively.

Comprehensive reforms of homes, hotels, companies

If you need to comprehensively reform your home, premises, company, office, warehouse, etc. We have the answer!

Partial floor reforms: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms.

We give a new air to the rooms of your home. Toilets, kitchens, rooms, lounges, apartments, etc. We carry out partial reforms of any part you need.

Reform and maintenance of homes, buildings, hotels and companies

Housing reform and maintenance

Our home maintenance service is a service dedicated to keeping your home in good condition. By keeping your home in good condition, you get many benefits from it.

Construction and reform in Companies: Offices, premises and warehouses.

If you need to comprehensively reform a commercial premises, company, office, warehouse, etc. We have the answer! We will take care of the project from start to finish so that our clients do not have to worry about a thing.


We have extensive experience in the construction and renovation of hotels, coordinated with the demanding work planning that a hotel requires and providing high value service for the finishes offered.

Reforms in sports complexes

The uniqueness and needs of sports spaces make it one of the most difficult areas to carry out a reform and a new construction. In these cases, the management and planning capacity of the construction company is the key to our success.  

Interior design and reform of commercial premises

Grupo Nugasol we define ourselves as the construction company capable of solving projects faster than anyone, once our schedule and team are guaranteed, the execution begins and ends to deliver the keys in hand to your business premises.

Construction procedures in Town Halls

The construction of our projects and coordination with the right people in the municipalities is essential for the elimination of unnecessary risks. We have dedicated team people for this essential management with management and complying with the required bureaucracy.

Professional services: interior design, paperwork, architecture, engineering.

Engineering projects in works.

We have autonomous teams specialized in their area of ​​work that draft the project for the licensing procedures that require compliance with protection, environmental and accessibility regulations.

Interior designers

Grupo Nugasol collaborates and meets with highly trained interior design professionals to shape the ideas of our most demanding clients.

Architectural projects

We project, design, direct any construction and maintenance project for buildings, homes, commercial premises and hotels of various kinds. 

We carry out custom reform projects with efficient and firm management to fulfill solving our client’s problem. Do not hesitate to contact us, we know what we do.